How to ‘turn off chat’ for Facebook Messenger app of Windows Phone 8.1


Windows Phone may not have an official ‘Facebook’ app by Facebook inc but, the social giant has amusingly released the official Facebook Messenger app in Store. The official Facebook Messenger app works and looks identical to its Android and iOS counterparts but, it still has got few changes in the overall interface.


One such change in the ‘turn off’ button for Facebook chat which lets you turn off chat. I was looking for a way to turn off the chat in Messenger app of Windows Phone and since, it is almost identical to Android, I was looking for it under ‘Active’ tab. But, the turn off button couldn’t be found anywhere and I spend 10 minutes looking for it.

After looking for the turn off option everywhere in the app including settings and different tabs, I opened the app bar and was amazed to see one of the most used feature of Messenger hidden there. I decided to share the location of that feature so that our readers don’t have to go through all that hassle.

Follow the instructions to find out the turn off chat option in Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone.


You won’t find the ‘turn off’ option right in app bar when you press the ‘’ on bottom right corner of screen. Instead, its hidden in the chat button within the app bar.

  • If you ever want to turn off the chat in Facebook Messenger app of Windows Phone then, press the chat button in the app bar (refer the screenshot below).


  • Once pressed, you will see the ‘turn off chat’ option. Press it and your chat will be turned off and you won’t appear online to anyone on Facebook.


  • Facebook Messenger will show you as offline and your friends on Facebook won’t be able to see you as online. You also can’t see who is online on Facebook unless you turn on the chat.


  • That’s all!

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Ahmad Wahid

Being a University student of computer, has developed keen interest in technology and like to test out the new gadgets. His interests include Social Networking as well.

  • If Facebook Messenger is made to keep you connected all the time, and you receive messages even when the app is closed, and people can contact you anytime that you will receive the message via push notifications, and the phone is always with you, I don’t see the need to turn it off. But ok. 😛

    • You’re right but, sometimes, one (including me) has to show him/herself as offline even when you are using Messenger. This option comes handy on that time 🙂

      • But once you use FB Messenger, people always know you use it – because a phone icon appears near your name – and that you can receive messages as push notifications at any time, and you are with your phone all the time. Got what I meant? Even when you are “off”, people know your phone is on and you carry your phone all the day with you 🙂 Get the point? FB Messenger is like SMS. Or better. But nice tip you gave, I didn’t know it was possible to do this.

        • Thanks for your appreciation. One more thing that I hate in FB Messenger is that it shows the last time you were online e.g. 10 minutes ago. There should be an option to disable that!