Total Commander for Windows Phone 8.1 is File Manager with OneDrive, FTP and archive support


Windows Phone 8.1 has got an official File Manager app in Store named ‘Files’ which works like any File Manager app. But, there are some useful third party file manager apps available in Store and Total Commander is one of them. Total Commander don’t just performs traditional file managing functions but, you can also use it to browser your OneDrive files as well as FTP servers.


Total Commander is one of the popular file manager apps for Windows like Windows 95, 98, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 8 which is finally available for Windows Phone devices.


Although, Total Commander is not available in Store for public downloads yet, since its in beta but, for those of you looking for a file manager app with built-in OneDrive and the FTP server support then, this is the one for you.


Total Commander for Windows Phone has the following features:

  • Perform regular tasks like browsing your phone/sd card’s files
  • Copy/Paste/Cut commands are there
  • Create new folders, move files between them or rename anything you want
  • Zip files and/or unzip them
  • OneDrive integration to access all your files from Microsoft’s cloud storage
  • FTP support to access your files on server using FTP access


Total Commander might not have user friendly interface with interactive skins but, it is one of the best file manager apps in Store which have become my favorite. I have been using it ever since the first beta and it does the work pretty well.

Total Commander beta can be downloaded from Store but, firstly you will have to sign up for the beta by going to this Google Docs form(Yes, he uses Google Docs instead, of Microsoft Office) and provide information like your email address being used on your Windows Phone and device model. You will soon get an email with a link to the download page in Store.


Ahmad Wahid

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