Tons of Windows 10 build 10031 screenshots leaked – Shows new login screen and improved contextual menus


A new set of screenshots have leaked onto the web showing the Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10031 which is an internal build. The screenshots show a lot of new improvements including the new login screen, new contextual menus, new features in notifications center and more.

Windows 10

This build seems to be an internal build but, we might actually see the features of this build in an upcoming public build. The Start Menu is now translucent where the desktop background can be seen in its background. You can also see new icons for This PC, Control Panel, Recycle Bin and Network.


Another awesome feature in this build is the quick launch icons in the action center which can be modified similar to the ones found in Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones.


The TaskView button of Windows 10 build 10031 have also been removed where the black bar at the bottom has been removed and ‘New desktop’ button has been moved to bottom right corner.


Check out the below screenshots and see yourself, what new features have been added in the most recent builds of Windows 10 Technical Preview.



Ahmad Wahid

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