Tip: How to manually install app updates from Store using Windows Phone 8.1


Windows Phone apps regular get new updates from Windows Store where many new features are part of these updates. The updates are installed automatically from Windows Store but, sometimes the updates are installed a bit after their release. It, sometimes, takes upto 4-5 hours to get new updates installed with automatic updates.

People like me want to get the latest features for Windows Phone apps right after they are released but, automatic updates always become late for me. So, I always prefer to manually check for updates and then install them.

Simply follow the instructions below to manually check for updates and installed them from Store using Windows Phone 8.1


  • First of all, open up Windows Store. Once opened, press the ‘three’ dots on bottom right corner.


  • Your Store options will open. Here press ‘settings’.


  • Your Store settings will open. Here scroll down to the end. Press ‘check for updates’.


  • Your phone will show you a pop-up notifications saying that the updates are being checked and you will be notified.


  • You will soon get a notification in the ‘Actions Center’ aka Notifications bar where new available updates will be showed. If you have disabled the notifications then, you may go back to Store ‘Home’ and press the small update ‘number’ on the right top corner (refer the screenshot below).



  • You would be showed all available updates for your apps. You can press any selective app and then press ‘update’ or you can download all the updates by pressing ‘download all’ button in ‘downloads’ page.
  • That’s all! Your updates will be installed soon.

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Ahmad Wahid

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