Tip: How to view internet data usage in Windows 8


Windows 8 includes an awesome feature to view the internet data usage by your PC as well as the time in which it was used. You just have to enable that feature and you would be updated live with the data usage of your internet connection.

If, you are using a internet connection with data caps then, this Windows 8 feature is the best one as you would be able to monitor your data usage. This tutorial will guide you through the process to enable that feature.

Just follow the instructions below and you would be able to see the internet data usage.


  • First of all, connect to your desired LAN, Broadband or Wi-Fi connection e.g. I am connected to my Wi-Fi connection named as ‘motorola-00‘.
  • Go to ‘Charms Bar‘ and you would see the internet connection status in the second last row (refer the image below). Press it.

  • You ‘Networks‘ Charm would open. Here you would see the available networks. Right click your network or long tap it.
  • A pop-up menu would open. Here select ‘Show estimated data usage‘.

  • Now, select your network again by clicking or tapping on it. You would see the estimated data usage with time.

Note: This feature will only count the data usage by Windows 8 and its apps. Data usage by other Windows on your PC and by other PC’s using the connection won’t be counted.

  • You can always use this feature to see how much data you have used over a specific time.

Tip: You can also reset the data usage by pressing the ‘Reset’ button just below the usage.

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  • Tarik Kharabsheh

    data limits info only work if you are connected via wifi