Advertisement has got a new look similar to Metro of Windows 8and it is probably the best design ever of Microsoft’s webmail service. But, still if, you didn’t liked the new Metro-Style and want the old Hotmail with well-known non-Metro look back then, its also possible. Once reverted to the old look, you won’t be forced to adopt the new design again, for now and you would go to Hotmail when you visit instead of re-directing to the new

Microsoft recently announced the new mail service which is the successor of Hotmail. Designed specifically for touch devices and also keeping the Metro of Windows 8 in mind, this new mail service by Microsoft has integrated support for messenger and people hub. This mail got over 1 million users in few hours of launch which indicates how popular the new webmail service by Microsoft is.

You can switch to old Hotmail look easily by just one command. Just follow the instructions below and you would have the old back in seconds.


  • First of all, go to and sign-in.
  • Once signed-in, simply press settings button on the top bar just beside the messaging button.
  • A drop down menu would open. Here select ‘Switch back to Hotmail’.

  • You would be asked to provide ‘feedback’. You can either provide the feedback or press ‘Skip feedback’

  • Now, you would be taken back to the old
  • Simply, visit to view the old look in future.
  • That’s all.

You can always choose the new as the default webmail by visiting and signing in.

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  • anatana

    I don’t get the “switch back to hotmail” option.

    • Cris

      I don’t either???? Please help

  • M.asif

    I don’t get the “switch back to hotmail” option.

    this option only for feedback . Please help mee……… at email ID ([email protected])