Tip: How to manually install app updates from Store in Windows 8.1 RTM


Windows 8.1 has got many new features and the automatic app updates is one of them. Windows 8.1 now automatically installs the app updates by default, and you don’t need to do anything. But, automatic app updates have some limitations which don’t let the updates to be installed.

Although, automatic app updates is enabled by default and it works in most of the scenarios but, sometimes the ordering viagra mail illegal automatic updates isn’t available for some broadband connections and/or if you have a throttled connection. Metered connections also prevent the app updates to be downloaded automatically.

So, if you are one of the people who think automatic updates is not working with Windows Store and Windows 8.1 apps or have disabled the automatic updates then, here is the alternate to install the app updates manually.

Follow the instructions below to install the app updates easily in Windows 8.1.


  • First of all, launch up the Store app. Once opened, open up the ‘Settings‘ Charm by swiping from right and selecting ‘Settings‘ or pressing ‘Windows-key-from-keyboard + I’.
  • Your ‘Settings‘ Charm will open. Here press ‘App updates’.

How to manually install app updates from Store using Windows 8.1 RTM

How to manually install app updates from Store using Windows 8.1 RTM


  • The Store will now check for the app updates and after few seconds or maybe minutes, if you have a lot of apps, you would be showed the list of available updates.
Note: If no update is found then, it means that the app updates have already been installed or there is no update available for the apps you have in your Windows 8.1 PC.
How to manually install app updates from Store using Windows 8.1 RTM
  • Here you can select the updates for apps which you want to install. Press the ‘Install’ button to start the downloading and www.akitafilm.com installation process.

How to manually install app updates from Store using Windows 8.1 RTM

  • Your apps will now start download and then install. You may now close the Store.

Tip: You can check the update progress by going to the Store and pressing the installing updates link on top right corner of Store app.

  • That’s all!

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