Tip: How to edit images in ‘Photos’ app of Windows 8 RTM [Tutorial]


Windows 8 RTM apps recently got an important app update which also included the features of image editing right in the Photos app. You can crops the images as well as rotate them easily with just one click using the pre-installed app of Window 8.

Microsoft has done a good job by introducing the crop and rotate features in the Photos app but, there are some requirements for the editing.


  • The image which you want to crop must be included in your ‘Pictures’ library otherwise, you won’t be able to crop the images. You can simply copy the image to Pictures library in the root folder or in any folder under Pictures.

Now, when you think you have included the images you want to edit in Pictures library, just follow the instructions below to know the steps of editing.


  • First of all, open up the image either by opening it from Library or from the Photos app.
  • When your image is open, simply right click your mouse button or swipe from bottom to bring the apps bar up.
  • You will see many options in the app bar.


  • If, you want to crop the images then, select ‘Crop’.

  • You would be given the square to crop the images.

  • Here you can either adjust the crop area manually by moving the four edges of the crop box or simply select from the pre-provided ‘Aspect ratio‘ options and then, resize accordingly.
  • Whenever you are done simply press the ‘Apply‘ button to apply the changes and press ‘Save‘ button and your image will be saved automatically to the Pictures library with a different name usually with an addition of ‘1’ or ‘2’ to the original file name


  • If, you want to rotate an image, select the ‘Rotate’ button and your image will rotate 90 degrees clockwise. Press it more times to rotate more.

Note: The app has very limited rotate options and you can only select from 90, 180 or 270 degree rotate.

  • Whenever you are done, navigate onwards from the image or close the app to save the settings.

Although, Microsoft has done a good job by introducing the crop and rotate options in Photos app but, these options are still limited and can’t be used for professional editing.

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