This TouchPal app for Windows 8 will bring Swype like keyboard on tablets


Windows 8 may have its own dedicated touch keyboards for touch screen devices like Surface but, the native keyboard doesn’t bring the swiping gestures like the Swype for Android. But, now, you will also be able type on your Windows 8 devices without even lifting your fingers instead, typing would be made by just swiping on the keyboard.

This TouchPal app for Windows 8 will bring Swype like keyboard on tablets

TouchPal has developed a touch screen keyboard for Windows 8 devices which will let you Swype to type just like it can be done with the Swype for Android.

This awesome app for Windows 8 will give you the ability to type on the touch screen keyboard of your Windows 8 device seamlessly, without the need to lift your fingers to tap the buttons. Instead, the keyboard uses perdictive method to see what the user wants to type.

This awesome keyboard app for Windows 8 will surely help the users get used to the keyboard on their devices who use the Swype on their Android devices.


This app for Windows 8 isn’t available for public yet but, we hope to get it soon. Also, it hasn’t been confirmed whether it would be available in Store for Windows 8 or it would be offered as standalone x86 installer which won’t run on Windows RT devices.

We will keep you updated with the availability of that awesome app.

Via: Engadget

Source: TouchPal


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  • darshan

    can i use this touchpal for windows 8 dell 5521 touchscreen laptop b cs i wanted swipe key board for windows 8 laptop touchscreen