This is the overhauled Calculator app of early Windows 10 Consumer Preview build 9901 [Hands on Images]


Recently the early version of Windows 10 Consumer Preview build 9901 leaked onto the web for download which included many new features and apps. Calculator app in build 9901 has also been revamped with new interface and it also includes the scientific and programmer mode with additional programming features.


Windows 8.1 already has a calculator app which lets you perform almost all the calculation related tasks and it also includes the converters. Now, it seems the software giant is overhauling the Calculator app in Windows 10 with new features and interface.

The new app is black in color by default where the calculator buttons are now flat and you don’t get any difference for buttons. By default, you would get the standard calculator app once you launch the app where you get basic functions like memory, root and percentage.


You can access the other modes of calculators from the left slide-in menu accessible from the hamburger button on top left corner. The menu holds the options like different calculator modes and converter options.Calculator-app-of-Windows-10-build-9901-4

The scientific calculator mode holds all the functions which you would find in a good scientific calculator. You can also access the history of your calculations from right side of screen while using a high resolution screen or by pressing the history button.


Programmer mode in calculator of build 9901 holds the functions for some specific programming options like ‘and’, ‘or’ or ‘not’ functions.


The converters in the calculator works in the same manner as the one found in Windows 8.1 but, the user interface has got small tweaks where number pad is on right with the result and conversion options in the left. You can also get the estimates for your conversion e.g. 9901 kilograms are equal to 2.48 elephants.


Calculator now opens up in small snap-like mode on desktop

Microsoft is moving towards the way to implement Modern-UI like mode for snap for Modern-UI where you can use the Calculator app in snap mode where it opens up in half-screen but, you can resize the app in more-smaller modes.


Snap still needs improvements on the desktop

Seeing the minimum supported size of Calculator app but, limited sizing ability, Microsoft still has to improve the snap for Calculator app on desktop – Final version of Windows 10 Consumer Preview might be improved in snap.

More features to be unveiled on January 21

Microsoft will be announcing the features of Windows 10 Consumer Preview at January 21, 2015 event where others features might also be announced and Windows 10 on phones might be launched as well.

Stay tuned, as we will be posting more about build 9901 of Windows 10 soon.


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