Windows Store for Windows 8/RT is getting dozens of new apps every day and most of them are better than others. Although, Store for Windows 8/RT has many photo editing apps but, the app we will be talking about is the first one of its kind. The app lets you make customizable collage of your desired photos and you can adjust the size and position of the photos as well.

This app for Windows 8/RT lets you make customizable collage of your photos

Cool Collage for Windows 8/RT lets you make customizable photo collage easily by using the photos you select. The app just doesn’t create collage but, you also get the option to customize the collage. You can select the overall collage size from a bunch of options and the images inserted can also be customized.

Coming to the image customization, you can resize images by just pinching (if you have touch screen) or by using your mouse’s scroll wheel. You can also rotate images and insert them where you want.

The best features is that you can select different background images for your collage from dozens of awesome textures and designs.

In the last, when you are done with customization of your image collage, you can save it in high resolution. Yes, you can save upto 1920 x 1080 pixels of images and the option to choose from ‘Jpeg’ and ‘PNG’ file format is also there. The image below was created solely using the ‘Cool Collage’ app except the watermark which was added in Adobe Photoshop and then saved in the original resolution.

This app for Windows 8/RT lets you make customizable collage of your photos

This awesome app for Windows 8/RT is now available for download from Store for free. You can download it from Store by searching for ‘Cool Collage’ or by looking in ‘Entertainment’ category. The app has a download size of just 1.13MB.

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