Windows 8 is getting many useful apps daily and this app is one of them. It does a simple job of showing the time on your Start Screen as a live tile. In this way, you are always seeing the time when you are on Start Screen and the time is updated with your PC clock.

The time is showed in the form of clocks or you can choose a digital number time also. Named as ‘Bitmap Live Tile Clock’, this app is one of the must have apps for Windows 8.  It would be very useful for people who intent to see time multiple times as this app would help everyone stay on schedule

It has the following features:

  • Shows time on live tile of app
  • The time on tile is updated with your PC time
  • Choose from five different clock styles including both analog and digital ones
  • One click/tap to change the clock style

You just have to open the app and tap/click on the image and you can select the next clock style.

This app for Windows 8 is available in Store for free and can be found in Tools category. You can download this app from the link below.

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