This app for Lumia Windows Phones lets you attend a call by taking your phone close to ear


Ever wanted to pick up a call on your Lumia Windows Phone by taking your Lumia to ear-level and the call automatically gets answered? Now, its possible to do so and you can also do some other tricks like silencing a call once you flip your phone downwards using your Windows Phone device.


Microsoft has released an awesome app in Store for Lumia Windows Phone devices which lets you get gesture support for incoming calls without actually using your hands.

Gestures’ app for Lumia devices lets you perform certain gestures with your Windows Phone to do certain call related tasks including answering your calls by picking up your phone, silencing it by flipping it downwards and enabling/disabling loud speaker.

The following gestures are available:

  • Answer an incoming call by moving your Lumia close to your ear
  • Silence an incoming call by flipping your Lumia face down against a surface
  • Enable speaker mode when Lumia is moved away from your ear during a call
  • Disable Speaker mode when Lumia is moved close to ear during a call
  • Mute the microphone when your Lumia is placed face down against a surface

How it works?

The above gestures can be enabled or disabled from the ‘Gesture’ beta app downloadable from the download links at the end of this article. But, you will have to be running a Lumia Windows Phone by Microsoft formerly Nokia to use this app.

The app uses the proximity sensors on front of your Lumia device to use the gestures and some devices without those sensors might not be able to perform those tasks

Note: Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices including Lumia 530, Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 won’t be able to perform all gestures due to the lack of sensors.

Gestures beta by Microsoft is available in Store for download for all supported Lumia Windows Phones and has a download size of just 1MB and works on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1.

Download Gestures beta

Gestures beta WP


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