How to test the touch screen responsiveness of Windows Phone devices easily with these 2 apps


Touch screens on smartphones are always running into issues with lack missing of touch points or some points on the screen not working correctly but, actually tracing them is difficult.


Although, there is no out-of-box way to test the screen responsiveness on your Windows Phone device, but, there are a couple of useful apps in Store which lets you test the touch screen of your Windows Phone for different errors.

#1 – Touch Diagnosis:

This useful app for Windows Phone lets you see whether all points on your phone’s screen are working correctly or not by tapping them. If your screen is working perfectly, then that specific point on screen will turn green and if any particular point doesn’t turn to green color then, that point of your screen is damaged and not working.


This app can be useful to see if any specific part of your touch screen is working fine or not. It will let you rule out whether it was you who was not touching the screen correctly or there is actually an hardware issue.

Download Touch Diagnosis app (Free)

#2 – MultiTouch test:

This useful app lets you see whether your phone’s touch screen is responding to the multi-touch correctly or not. You can put multiple fingers on your screen and see if all the fingers move at the same time or not. This gesture for multiple fingers is not used widely but, some games like Angry Birds, shooting and racing games often use this multi-touch gesture.


You can also select to see trails of your finger position to see whether the screen is missing multi-touch gestures or not, from settings.

Download Multitouch Test app (Free)

The above apps are aimed to test the screen of your Windows Phone all by yourself without the need to go to your local support shop to get your Windows Phone checked.




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