Temple Run: Oz by Disney lands in Store for Windows 8/RT/8.1 as paid app


Windows Store has been getting a lot of the awesome games recently and the latest addition is the most popular gaming title by Disney. ‘Temple Run: Oz’ has been in the online ordering viagra market for mobile devices for a long time and now, that awesome endless running game is also available for Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows 8.1 devices.

Temple Run Oz for Windows 8 1

This one of the top most popular endless gaming title has already been designed specifically for touch screen devices and now, it has been launched for Windows 8 devices with availability in Store.

Temple Run Oz for Windows 8 2

The game offers each feature of the game from mobile devices with exclusive HD graphics to make the game look more rich on big screens like of http://rumi2007.com/guaranteed-cheapest-cialis Surface Pro etc.

Temple Run:Oz has the following features:

  • Inspired from Temple Run and the movie Oz
  • Special brick road which takes you through three different realms
  • Each realm offers different gameplay experience with different surroundings
  • Different obstacles prevent you from getting high score in the game
  • Hot air balloons take you to special location in the sky to collect more coins
  • Different powers ups and utilities are available during gameplay to help make the game more-easy
  • Collect gems and coins during your run to unlock special powers

Temple Run Oz for Windows 8 3

This awesome endless running game is now available for download from Store as a paid app which costs $3.49 but, seeing its awesome one would say that buying it won’t make you feel you wasted your money. It has a download size of 50MB and can be downloaded/bought from the source link below.

Source: Temple Run: Oz in Windows Store (Windows 8/RT/8.1 required)

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