Surface Pro would be launched for public in US & Canada on February 9, 2013


Surface Pro, the professional model of Microsoft’s first ever tablet running Windows 8 Pro would be launching for public on February 9, 2013. The tablet will initially be available for consumers in United States and Canada.

Surface tablet

We previously heard the reports that Surface Pro would be launched for public on January 29 but, now Microsoft has officially announced that Surface with Windows 8 Pro would be available for people in US and Canada on February 9, 2013.

The news about its availability in other parts of world isn’t announced yet but, we hope to see its announcement in the launch event of Surface by Microsoft. Also, Surface Pro won’t just be available on Microsoft Stores but, Staples, Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada will also get it.

Surface with Windows 8 Pro will cost $899 for 64GB model and $999 for 128GB model and both the devices will come with Stylus pen whose pricing has been included in the tablets’ price. Moreover, Surface’s Touch and Type covers will cost you extra i.e. $119 for touch and $129 for type cover.

Spcial limited time Surface touch and type covers

3 special limited time touch and type covers (above) will be available which will have a textured designs on their backs which are similar to the Start Screen backgrounds. Microsoft Wedge Mice will also be bundled in those limited time packages which will cost extra.

Source: Microsoft Blog


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