Surface Pro will have 83GB free on 128GB model and 23GB on 64GB one


Microsoft has already announced the Surface with Windows 8 Pro’s release date i.e. February 9, 2013 but, the software giant hasn’t shared a critical point about the tablet. Surface Pro would be available in two different models including 64GB and the other with 128GB of internal storage but, we don’t know how much space would be available for users on each.

Surface with Windows 8 Pro

We know that the mentioned storage is not the one which a user have, to store data instead, it’s the total storage capacity of device. The OS and other pre-installed apps on a device can reduce the original storage that is available for a user.

Similarly, Surface Pro which comes with Windows 8 Pro must have consumed some space for the OS and the pre-installed app which comes with the tablet. Microsoft hasn’t announced that how much storage would be available for users when we buy the tablet but, The Verge reports how much storage will be available on both Surface models.

Surface with 128GB of internal storage will leave just 83GB of storage for users to store their data and Surface 64GB model has more worst situation where just 23GB of internal storage is available which is way too less.

The Surface is left with too less storage due to some factors like storage reserved for recover partitions, space taken by Windows 8 Pro to install and space taken by other apps.

Well, you might want to buy the Surface Pro with 128GB of internal storage which will leave you with pretty much space to store data and most of the people seem to be willing to buy 128GB model as per our polls.

Although, you will be able to free up some more space on your Surface Pro device by deleting the recovery partitions after taking backup on USB but, you won’t get that much space on the device out of the box.

Note: Surface Pro does come with external microSD card slot so, you will be able to extend the storage capacity of your tablet.

Surface Pro will be available on February 9, 2013 and will cost $899 for 64GB model and $999 for 128GB one.

Source: The Verge


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