Surface Pro will actually have 89GB on 128GB and 30GB of space on 64GB model


Microsoft few days ago revealed the available storage for users in the Surface Pro model where 83GB of free storage was suggested for 128GB model and 23GB in 64GB model but, now, it seems that the storage revealed was not accurate. The actual storage for Surface with Windows 8 Pro is 6 – 8 GB more than the previously revealed one.

Surface Pro will actually have 89GB on 128GB and 30GB of space on 64GB model

Ed Bott on ZDNet reports that Surface Pro actually has more storage for users than it was reported previously. Surface Pro will have 89.7GB of internal storage in 128GB model while the 64GB model will have 30GB of space for users to store data.

Bott also reports that if, the recovery partition is removed from the Surface Pro then, the users will be able to free up several more GBs of storage.

It is a true fact that the mentioned storage for all devices is the total storage capacity of the device and the OS & other pre-installed apps take some space which is case of Surface is 34 – 38GB taken by the Windows 8 Pro, apps and the recovery partitions.

The reason why Microsoft revealed less space can be due to the testing units which had less free storage due to the debugging tools in the tablet. Well, Surface Pro users will be happy that they get pretty much space in the tablet and the storage can also be extended with microSD upto 64GB.

Surface Pro will be available for public in US and Canada on February 9, 2013 and will cost $899 for 64GB model while 128GB model will be priced at $999.

Via: The Verge

Source: ZDNet


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