Successor of Windows 8, Windows 10 announced by Microsoft – Every known feature!


Microsoft has finally unveiled the successor of Windows 8 and it isn’t named Windows 9 as early reports suggested. Instead, Microsoft has jumped an edition and is calling it Windows 10. Windows 10 is the next major edition of Windows which would get a lot of awesome features and improvements.

Windows 10

Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10 today during an event in San Francisco where Terry Myerson, the Windows Chief, demoed some of the features of Windows 10 to the attendees.

Windows 10 has the following features:

Start Menu: The software giant has decided to add back the Start Menu from Windows 7 back where a mix of Modern and desktop interface can be found in the form of tiles and desktop icons. The tiles can be resized, show live updates and can be unpinned to make Start look like the Windows 7 counter-part.

Modern apps on desktop: Windows 10 will now run the Moderns app from Store on desktop if you are using a mouse. The apps will run in windowed mode where you can resize the window as well as minimize them.

Multiple desktops: Microsoft will add the capability to run and manage multiple desktops in Windows 10 which will allow you to customize each desktop as per your needs.

Task-view button for multi-tasking: Microsoft has introduced a new button on the taskbar named task-view button which will let you manage the opened apps, programs and files. You can also use task-view to select from pre-determined app layouts on desktop while using multiple programs.

Improved Snap: Microsoft will also improve the Snap in Windows 10 where you will be able to snap both Modern and desktop apps side-by-side on the desktop. You will be able to snap upto 4 different apps on desktop.

Improved search: Microsoft is updating the search of Windows 10 with universal search in the Start Menu which will let you search for anything on the web, on your PC and between apps.

Microsoft will release the Windows 10 Preview named Windows Technical Preview on October 1, 2014 whereas, the final version would be released in mid-2015.

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