How to stop Windows 8.1 apps from running automatically in background


Windows 8.1 apps, just like that of Windows 8’s, run in the background to keep you updated with all the latest happening from that app. The apps run in the background automatically when you turn on your PC and some who require internet get activated when you are connected to an internet connection. But, sometimes these apps start consuming a lot of memory which may slow down your PC.

Some of the click now apps like Mail, Store and weather keep running in the background and they often consume a lot of memory while running. Although, these apps require your permission to run in the background when you launch the app for the first time but, they may start behaving unexpectedly after a short period of time.

It is important that you make sure that the app runs automatically in the background. Some of the apps might run in the background once you use them for once. If you think apps are running the background once you have closed them then, you may have to permanently close the apps by following the instructions found in this article.

For those of you who are annoyed by the where can i get viagra running of some particular apps in the background can easily turn off their functioning in the background to free up memory.

Follow the instructions below to remove the apps from automatically running in the background to free up memory.


  • First of all, open up the app which is running in the background. For me, Mail app was running in the background automatically.

Tip:You can open up Task Manager to see which apps are running in the background.

How to stop Windows 8.1 apps from running automatically in background

  • Once the app is open, press ‘Windows key + I’ or swipe from right and select ‘Settings’.
  • Your Settings Charm will open. Here press ‘Permissions’.

How to stop Windows 8.1 apps from running automatically in background

  • Your Permissions section of the Charm bar will open where you would see all the permissions which the app has. Turn off the switch under ‘Lock Screen’ by moving it to the best mexico pharmacy generic viagra left side.

Note:Restricting the app from running in the background will also disable the lock screen notifications of that app.

How to stop Windows 8.1 apps from running automatically in background

  • Once turned off, the app will never run again in the background.
  • That’s all! You can repeat the same process for apps which run in the background.

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