How to solve the ‘Limited’/’No Internet’ Wi-Fi issues in Windows Phone 8.1- 5 best ways!


Windows Phone 8.1 is the latest public version of Windows Phone OS for mobile devices which includes a lot of awesome features and some of them are exclusive for Lumia phones which come with the ‘Lumia Cyan’ update.

Although, Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan updates have got many new features and a lot of bugs have also been fixed in this latest update. But, one particular bug which has been present in the Windows Phone OS since Windows Phone 8 is the limited Wi-Fi connection issue which connects your phone to internet but, shows it as ‘Limited’. Limited prevents some of the Windows Phone services like some system apps and third party apps. Windows Phone even shows you that there is no internet access on that particular Wi-Fi connection you are trying to connect to but, on connecting it, you get the internet access despite phone showing the ‘Limited’ or ‘No Internet’ error.


‘Limited’ Wi-Fi connection is also present in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 where you now get the ‘No Internet’ error but, the overall issue remains the same. Don’t worry, it’s not your device that’s causing this error it’s mostly improper connections or software problems which may cause this issue. This issue has decreased for me after installing the latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 but, I still get it occasionally.


If you are one the people who are having the ‘Limited’ or ‘No Internet’ Wi-Fi error then, you are at right place. We will be giving you the possible reasons and their solutions to fix this major yet annoying issue in Windows Phone OS.

Let’s take a look at the different possible reasons which may cause this issue to occur and then, their solutions have been provided below.

Reason 1 – Poor Wi-Fi signal strength

If the Wi-Fi connection you are trying to connect has low signal strength then, you may start getting ‘Limited’ connection errors on your Windows Phone 8.1 device.

My Lumia phones often start getting the ‘No Internet’ and previously got the ‘Limited’ connection issues while I was very far away from my Wi-Fi router and signal strength was nominal. My Android phones don’t even connect to that Wi-Fi connection whereas, Windows Phone(s) connects to that that Wi-Fi network but, starts showing ‘Limited’ or ‘No Internet’ error.

Reason 2 – Too many connections with your Wi-Fi router

If you are using a Wi-Fi router which supports a limited number of parallel Wi-Fi connections for different devices then, you may also start getting this ‘Limited’ or ‘No Internet’ connection error. Once that limit is reached, you may start getting this issue due to the router being not able to provide streamline connectivity to all of your devices. This is also caused do to low-quality Wi-Fi routers.


My primary broadband Wi-Fi router supports only 5 devices to be connected at a same time and once I connect the fifth device to it, I start getting ‘Limited’ or ‘No Internet’ connection error on my Windows Phone devices.

Reason 3 – Router Security type (802.11 connection type)

If you are using a specific security type like WPA2-PSK along with AES or TKIP encryption then you may also get this issue. TKIP requires 32-bit encryption key which may easily cause this error in Windows phone.


Reason 4 – Invalid Wi-Fi credentials

If your Wi-Fi network credentials were changed unexpectedly then, you may start getting this error and you won’t get Wi-Fi access.

Reason 5 – Temporary issue with your Windows Phone

Sometimes, mostly after installing a new app, you may start getting ‘Limited’ or ‘No Internet’ connection error and it may remain there till you try to fix it (solution below).

Once you have gone through the possible reasons of ‘Limited’ Or ‘No Internet’ connection, let’s proceed to their solutions.

Note: The solutions have been provided in the same chronological order as the reasons above to easily find and fix each solution.

Solution 1 – Poor Wi-Fi connection

This issue, as mentioned, is mainly caused due to your distance from the Wi-Fi router which is transmitting Wi-Fi signals. Each Wi-Fi router has its own Wi-Fi signal strength which can go to specified distance. If you go far from that distance you may start getting this error.

You can change your position to get better Wi-Fi signal strength e.g sit in other side of the room which is near to the Wi-Fi router. Or you can move from one room to another where signal strength is good. Open doors can also cause the Wi-Fi signals to improve.

Tip: You can always check Wi-Fi signal strength by going to Wi-Fi options in ‘Settings’ and looking at the Wi-Fi icon which shows the connections’ signal strength. You knew that already, didn’t you?

Solution 2 – Too many connections with your Wi-Fi router

As mentioned, you will start getting errors once the limit of maximum connections to your Wi-Fi routers is reached. You can solve this issue simply by disconnecting any of your devices connected to that particular Wi-Fi router to which you are trying to connect on your Windows Phone.

Solution 3 – Router Security type (802.11 connection type)

You can solve this particular issue by changing your router’s connection and encryption type. WPA2-PSK and AES is recommended preference but, you can always use your desired ones.

You can access your Wi-Fi routers’ settings to change connection/encryption types. Wi-Fi router settings can be accessed by navigating to on your web browser but, this may differ in each router.

I personally use ‘WPA/WPA2-PSK’ as 802.11 connection and ‘AES+TKIP’ as encryption type which works every time for me on all my Windows Phones and still provide enough security.

Solution 4 – Invalid Wi-Fi credentials

Whenever you face problems with Wi-Fi on your Windows Phone 8.1 device and think it’s due to the Wi-Fi credentials which were changed by you then, you simply have to enter the new credentials.

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘WiFi’ and here you will see your Wi-Fi connection as ‘Limited Connection’ or ‘No Internet Connection’. Long tap it until you see the small pop-up menu.

Note: It is recommended that you know your Wi-Fi credentials as we will be deleting it from phone memory and you will have to re-enter the password.

  • Here press ‘delete’. Your Wi-Fi connection will be deleted. Now, press that connection again and enter the new password.


  • You will be able to connect to your Wi-Fi connection and won’t get the ‘Limited’ or ‘No Internet’ errors.

Solution 5 – The best- Temporary issue with your Windows Phone

The last but, most effective solution for your Windows Phone to counter act the ‘Limited’ or ‘No Internet’ connection error is to soft-reset your Windows Phone device.

For those of you not familiar with soft-reset on Windows Phone, it is a feature which lets you reset your phone without actually changing anything on your device. You will keep everything on your phone like settings, apps, data, files and other things. Only your phone is refreshed and it takes just seconds.

You can perform a soft-reset to solve the Wi-Fi issues if it is related to your phone. Issues with your router, connection, signals and credentials won’t be solved by soft-reset.

You can read how to perform soft-reset by going to this article.

Soft-reset can be used to solve many issues on your Windows Phone and ‘Limited’ or ‘No Internet’ Wi-Fi error is one of them.

Well, the above reasons were few of the many which can cause your Windows Phone’s Wi-Fi to behave unexpectedly. If, we missed out any reason or you want us know help you in a particular reason then, you may share your thoughts with us using the comments section below.

Were you able to solve your Wi-Fi related issue?

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  • David Gomez

    I tried all that but no luck! After updating to 8.1 my lumia 1020 is just not working properly. I tried hard resetting it but didn’t help. All my other phones/laptops/tablets pick up Wi-Fi just fine. My lumia 1020 connects sometimes, then shortly after switches to limited and finally to no internet at all. If i try to enable disable it, I cannot … it just sits there trying to turn it off. When this happens, my bluetooth doesn’t work either…
    after a while the phone just reboots and SOMETIMES, after the reboot it connects to the Wi-Fi again

    help help!!

    • This seems to be a problem with your hardware since Bluetooth and Wifi are not closely connected to each other in software. One should work if other is not working if its the issue with your Lumia Cyan and 8.1.
      BTW, you can try updating to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 which has decreased this issue for me pretty much. I only get this issue once in a week or so.
      Just found out that some apps like ram cleaner etc can also cause this problem. Will update the article accordingly.
      Otherwise, you might want to visit your nearby Nokia/Microsoft customer care center to get this fixed.

      • David Gomez

        Thank you for your replay Ahmad. I tried reaching out to Nokia and they did send me to a Nokia care center. The closest one is like 4 hours away… so It will have to wait… I cannot just take a day off from work to fix my phone…

        Extremely frustrating really!!

  • Jake

    Tried all guys, nothing worked. Check your wireless/modem dhcp settings. As soon as I have changed my dhcp server wi-fi issue just dissappeared instantly. !!!