Solution on How to Open Full Screen Internet Explorer from Metro-UI in Windows 8 Developer Preview


Many users who are using Windows 8 Developer Preview face many problems in the pre-beta release of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8. Among those problems is the Internet Explorer not running in full screen from Metro-UI.

I was also facing the same problem and every try to configure the full screen mode was in vain. I was even starting to think of installing a new copy of Windows 8 Developer Preview. But, fortunately on my last try to fix the problem I was successful and was enable to run full screen IE from Metro-UI.

We thought some others might face that problem so here is the solution but before stating the solution I am explaining the problem I faced.


  • Windows 8 Developer Preview supports a full screen IE designed specifically for touch screen devices. The full screen IE can be run from Metro-UI by clicking/taping the IE tile.
  • Whenever I clicked the IE tile it took me to desktop and opened the regular IE in Windowed mode, the one found in the previous versions of Windows.
  • Whatever you do, IE will would open up in the windowed mode and the normal interface would be shown

Why this problem is occurring:

  • After applying about hundreds of different methods to fix the problem I finally found the problem and was shocked to see the result.
  • I installed some other browsers and accidently set the one as default. So, IE was no longer the default app to open up all the HTTP files.
  • This resulted in the windowed mode of IE instead of full screen mode in the newly designed IE interface

How to Fix the Problem:

You can fix the above mentioned problem by opening up the IE from desktop in Windowed mode


  • After opening up IE 10, go to settings menu by clicking the gear icon on the top right corner of your browser and click ‘Internet Options’. (Refer the image)

  • A pop-up window will open showing many tabs. Go to ‘Programs’ tab
  • In the ‘Programs’ tab click ‘Set Associations’ from the ‘File Associations’ section, it should be the first one from top

  • A new pop-up window will open requiring you to ‘set associations for programs’.
  • Choose ‘Select All’. Choosing all files is necessary to run IE in full screen mode from Metro-UI

  • Click save at the end at the bottom of the windowsand you are done
  • Now, open-up IE from Metro-UI by clicking the IE tile and your full screen IE would open
  • That’s’ all

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