Skype app is crashing in Windows 8.1? This update by Microsoft may fix it!


Windows 8.1 comes pre-installed with the Skype app which makes the usage of the calling service by Microsoft a relief and easy to use with Microsoft account. But, recently, Skype app started to crash for some of the people, including me, right on the splash screen and it was very annoying. Now, Microsoft has released an update for Windows 8.1 to fix that crash issue.

Skype app is crashing in Windows 8.1? This update by Microsoft may fix it!

Microsoft has released a patch for the crash issue of Skype app in Windows 8.1 which points towards that it wasn’t the app which was crashing instead, some other thing in Windows 8.1 was causing the crash.

The crash was being mainly caused on the devices running the Intel HD 3000 graphics which Microsoft has fixed in this update for Windows 8.1

The update can be downloaded from the following links:

Alternatively, you can also get the same update from Windows Updates and chances are it may already have been downloaded and installed to your PC if, you have the automatic updates enabled.

The update fixed the Skype crash issue on one of the PC’s and hopefully will also do the same for everyone else.


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  • khan

    the update is not working. its giving error that update is not for your PC