How to scan QR Codes and text easily using your Windows Phone 8.1’s camera app


Windows Phone has got dozens of awesome features which are exclusive to Windows Phones only including Cortana. Another feature exclusive to Windows Phones is the ability scan QR Codes and text using your phone’s camera.

Windows Phone 8.1 comes pre-installed with the Camera app named ‘Bing Vision’ which lets you scan QR Codes and the text by just scanning the QR Code/Text with your phone’s camera. This feature can be very useful when you want to scan a QR Code or search for text on the internet. I personally, use the scan text feature to search for anything on Bing from any book I am reading.

Simply follow the instructions below to know how to scan QR Codes or text using your Phone’s camera.

Before proceeding to the instructions, you will need to fulfill few pre-requisite.


  • You will need to add the Bing Vision lens to quick view panel in the Camera app. Launch the default Camera app on your Windows Phone. It’s called the ‘Camera’.
  • Once in Camera app, open the navigation bar by pressing ‘’dots on bottom right corner.


  • You will see the option to add settings to the viewfinder. Press any slot and select ‘lens picker’ from the list.


Now, let’s proceed to the instructions.


  • Launch the Camera app. Here press the ‘lens picker’ icon by pressing the small circular button in view finder. (refer the screenshot below).


  • Your Lens Picker option will open where you will be able to see all the available lenses. Select ‘Bing Vision’.


  • Your Bing Vision lens will open. Here you can scan any QR Code by default. Simply point your camera towards any QR Code and your phone will pick up the code in seconds.


  • You can scan the text by pressing the ‘scan text’ button at the bottom and then, your phone will capture a temporary photo of the things showed in camera view. Then, the image will be scanned for text.

Note: You will need an active internet connection to scan the text.


  • Once text is detected, it will be highlighted. You can select any text by tapping which will enable the option to ‘search’ on the internet.


  • That’s all! Enjoy scanning QR Codes and text right from your Windows Phone without any special app.

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Ahmad Wahid

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