Rumor: Windows 8.1 has been RTM’ed and launching for OEMs in mid-August


Windows 8.1, the comprehensive update for Windows 8 with many new features and improvements was launched as a Preview on June 26, last month. Since the launch of Windows 8.1 Preview, we have been hearing news from different sources that Windows 8.1 would be RTM’ed in August but, a new rumor claims that Windows 8.1 has RTM’ed and would be launched for OEM’s on August 16.


Russian site, claims that Windows 8.1 has gone RTM and the RTM bits would be released for OEM partners on August 16, 2013.

We have already been confirmed by Microsoft that Windows 8.1 RTM would be released for OEMs in late August but, the official date of Windows 8.1 when it would reach the RTM milestone wasn’t announced.

The claim by Russian site that Windows 8.1 has gone on July 12 maybe true but, the part that Windows 8.1 would be released for OEM on August 16 seems to be false since, we already have the official confirmation of late August launch for OEMs.

The RTM build of Windows 8.1 is 9500.10554 whereas, the current preview build is 9431 which means such a short number of builds were made after launch of preview on June 25 – impossible, since the people over at Microsoft can produce multiple builds on a single day.

Whether the rumors of Windows 8.1 RTM and its launch to OEMs on August 16 is true or not but, we are sure that Windows 8.1 would reach RTM milestone in August and it would also reportedly be launched for public around same date.



Ahmad Wahid

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