[Review] Bing Metro (New Style-UI) app of Windows 8 RTM


Windows 8 RTM includes a pre-installed Metro New Style-UI app named as Bing which lets you search internet using the Bing search engine. You can search web pages as well as view images in the built-in photo viewer. You can also share the web pages or images using the search Charms which lets you share on Facebook, Twitter or even mail someone.

This awesome Metro apps is the primary source of searches onn internet and it probably would be the only one that perform such tasks.

Here is a quick review of the Bing Metro app:

Overall user interface:

This awesome app for Windows 8 RTM takes full advantage of Metro and hardware acceleration. The main landing page is always the Bing homepage which updates live with ‘Bing.com’. The search bar is showed on top of page which is visible to eye every time. The Bing branding is showed on the right side of search bar.

The hotspots on background work in the same way as in browsers. The bottom bar shows the headline which takes you to the search results similar to the term.


You can search the whole internet using the Bing search engine and you get two option to select from e.g. web pages and images. Whenever, anything is typed in the search bar, the whole page turns dark hence, providing more visual focus for search bar. You are also displayed the suggestions when you type in something.

The web pages are showed as tiles just like app tiles are showed in Metro-UI of Windows 8. Pressing any web page takes you to the Internet Explorer (immersive) and opens the page.

You can search within images using the images filter. The images are showed in the photo viewer which is similar to the Photo app of Windows 8. The image source and caption is also showed on the image.

You can also search the internet using the Bing Metro app by using the Charms Bar. The search Charms lets you search internet using the Bing app disregarding what app you are using.


You can always share the web page or image with social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as email your friends. The web pages and images can also be shared with different sharing apps which allow sharing like FlipToast, Tweetro and MetroTwit etc.

Closing comments

This app is one of its kind app in Windows 8 RTM and is probably the most helpful app. It is one of the most used apps of Windows 8 RTM which I have used.

A quick walkthrough video of Windows 8 is embedded below:


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