How to Remove ‘Evaluation Copy. Build 8250’ Watermark from the Desktop of Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Windows 8 Consumer Preview shows a small watermark on the right bottom corner of the desktop where the version name and ‘evaluation copy build 8250’ is written. Luckily, this watermark can be removed.

Just follow the instruction below and the watermark would be removed from the desktop of your Windows 8 Consumer Preview PC.

Things to know before trying to remove the watermark

  1. Although, that’s a very good tweak to remove the watermark from the desktop but, it is removed for the current session which means, when you shutdown your Windows 8 machine or log-off and then turn-on/log-in back, this watermark would be back.
  1. This watermark would also be removed if you change the desktop wallpaper.

If you still want to remove the watermark, then follow the instructions specified below and your water mark would be removed in just seconds.


  • First of all open up the run command by pressing the ‘Windows + R’ button.
  • Now, copy the text given below and paste it in the ‘Run’ command and press ‘ok’


  • Your ‘Themes’ window would open where you would see an image of the wallpaper which is currently being showed on the desktop along with a folder named as ‘CachedFiles’.
  • The image would be named ‘as TranscodedWallpaper’. Copy the image to desktop.
  • Now, go back to ‘Themes’ folder and open up the ‘CachedFiles’ folder.
  • You would find another image of the wallpaper in that folder but, it would be named something else.
  • The difference between two of them can be seen by viewing them in large size as the image from ‘CachedFiles’ would have  a watermark on it unlike the one from ‘Themes’ folder.
  • Now, you need to copy the name of the image found in ‘CachedFiles’ folder. You can copy the name by right clicking the image and then selecting the ‘Rename’ option. You would get the edit option in the name field. Now, Copy the name by pressing ‘CTRL + C’ or alternatively by right clicking again and selecting ‘Copy’ from the menu.
  • After copying the name of that image, go to desktop where you pasted the image without the watermark. Right click that image and select rename, paste the copied text in the name field of the image by pressing ‘CTRL + V’ or alternatively by right clicking and then selecting ‘Paste’.
  • The image on the desktop would be renamed.
  • Now, copy the whole image from desktop and paste it in the ‘CachedFiles’ folder. When you would paste the image, you would be prompt for further action as the image with the same name already exists in that folder. Select the first option ‘Replace the file in the destination folder’. The image from desktop would replace the existing image.
  • You are done, now, go back to desktop and refresh it. You can refresh by right clicking and selecting ‘Refresh’.
  • You would see that the watermark has been removed.

See a Black Space on the desktop?

Many of you would see a black box on the desktop but, don’t worry, it would go away.

  • Right click the ‘taskbar’ and select ‘Properties’. In  the taskbar properties, select another location for your taskbar position e.g left or right etc,  other than the current position and press ‘Apply’ from the bottom of that properties window and then switch back to the desired one and again press ‘Apply’.

Hopefully, the black space would be gone and you won’t see the watermark again in the same log-in session unless or until you change the wallpaper.

Here is a quick video showing the same watermark removal.


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The above tutorial doesn’t work for Windows 8 Release Preview. We have posted a new tutorial with the latest technique to hide watermark from desktop of Windows 8 Release Preview.


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