Public beta of BlackBerry Messenger now available for download for Windows Phone 8.1 – Get it now!


BlackBerry has finally launched the BBM for Windows Phone 8.1 as beta for public. BlackBerry Messenger was previous available for selected beta testers who got their hands onto the messenger by Canadian mobile maker few weeks ago.


BBM for Windows Phone 8.1 works on Windows Phone just like you would expect it to with deep integrations with its sharing commands, live tiles and user interface similar to Windows Phone.

BBM for Windows Phone 8.1 lets you chat with your BlackBerry Messenger contacts after inviting them using the barcode or by other options. You can afterwards chat with them in text, send them files and videos as well as record voice and send them.


BBM for Windows Phone 8.1 also lets you chat with your favorite contacts by pinning their profiles to the Start Screen. You also get the option to search for your contacts from phonebook and other accounts to see who is using BBM whereas, you may also invite people who are not using the service.

You can check out the BBM for Windows Phone 8.1 in our hands on video below.


BBM for Windows Phone 8.1 V 1.0.0 is now available for download in Store as beta which means it may have some bugs but, we have been testing it since its internal beta and hasn’t faced any (serious) bugs in the latest release.

You can download BBM by going to the Store link below whereas, it has a download size of just 11MB. For those of you running the early beta will have to re-install it from Windows Store where you will get two different instances of BBM. The public and internal beta seem to be identical other than their availability status.

Download BBM (Windows Phone 8/8.1 required)


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