Pre-installed SkyDrive app of Windows 8/RT getting live tile support soon


Windows 8/RT comes with the pre-installed SkyDrive app to help you access the files on the cloud storage more easily. Although,  the app is already pretty good in functionality but, now, Microsoft has announced that live tile for SkyDrive app will be supported soon.

SkyDrive app of Windows 8 RT

The live tile of SkyDrive app will show most recent activity in your cloud storage by Microsoft. You will see the name of most recent files added, the date on which it was added and the folder in which the file resides will also be showed.

This new update for SkyDrive will surely make the SkyDrive app more helpful as users will be able to see which file has been added most recently. The live tile will also look similar to others pre-installed apps of Windows 8/RT which show live tiles.

The update to introduce the SkyDrive app with live tiles support would be released soon and you will be able to get it through Store by following the instructions found here.

Don’t worry! We will update you when the update is available for download.

Source: Inside SkyDrive blog by Microsoft


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