Photosynth for Windows Phone updated with better stitching and high resolution camera support


Microsoft has finally released an update for one of the most awesome photo app of Windows Phone. Photosynth, the 360-degree panorama taking app by Microsoft has finally picked up an update to increase the time of post-processing and support for high-resolution cameras.


Photosynth by Microsoft is a new-kind of experiment to help you create 3D panoramas of 360-degrees around you using the Windows Phone camera algorithms. This awesome camera app has been in the Windows Store for quiet-a-time but, it was too slow to capture 3D panoramas and stitch them until this current update which has significantly increased the stitching time. The update also adds support for high-resolution camera like the ones found in Lumia 1520, Lumia 930 counting 20MP and Lumia 1020’s 41MP camera.

The latest update for Photosynth bumps the version to and has the following change log:

  • High resolution support to take better panoramas
  • Improved stitching support which reduces time of post-processing and reduces visual artifacts

The update for Photosynth is available for download from Store and will be installed automatically to your phone. Otherwise, you may manually install the update by following the instructions in this article.

Download Photosynth app

Photosynth WP


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