Phone Insider app for Windows Phone lands in Store before Windows 10, will enable Preview downloads


Windows 10 will also be available for mobile devices and all existing Windows Phone 8.x users will be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 10 upon launch. Now, Microsoft has released an app named ‘Phone Insider’ in Store which would let the users download the Windows 10 on their phones.


The app has been named ‘Phone Insider’ which seems similar to the ‘Windows Insider’ program available for Windows 10 Technical Preview. This app will supposedly let the users enroll in the insider program for Windows Phone 10 or Windows 10 on phone, whatever Microsoft chooses to name it.

Phone Insider will let the users download the preview versions of Windows 10 on mobile

Once the user has enrolled in the Insider program using their Microsoft account, you would be able to download and install the latest preview of Windows 10 on their phones.


It seems, the app is currently not in full functionality instead, only internal Microsoft testers can use this app. We hope to see the app becoming open for all users with the launch of Windows 10 after the January 21 event where Microsoft will unveil more about upcoming successor of Windows 8.1.

You can snatch the app from the link below but, don’t expect it to work for now.

Are you excited about the Windows 10 on mobile through this insider app?

Download Phone Insider app

Phone Insider WP


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