Watch this: Microsoft releases hands on experience of Lumia 535 ‘Selfie’ entry-level phone [Video]

Microsoft has announced the Lumia 535, first ever Microsoft branded Lumia Windows Phone aimed to low-end market with some awesome specifications. Lumia 535 includes a 5-inch screen with 5MP back and 5MP front wide-angled camera for taking group selfies. The back end includes quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM. Lumia 535 also features 8GB of […]

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Microsoft unveils entry-level Lumia 535 Selfie Windows Phone with 5-inch screen and 5MP front camera priced $130 – Specs

Microsoft has finally unveiled the first ever Microsoft branded Lumia 535 which is an entry-level phone with some amazing specifications. Lumia 535 comes with 5-inch screen, 5MP front and 5MP wide-angled back camera aimed for better selfies and quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM. Lumia 535 has the following specifications: 140.2 x 72.45 x 8.8mmn […]

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Weekend Poll: Will you buy the ‘Microsoft’ branded Lumia Windows Phone instead of ‘Nokia’?

Microsoft is scheduling to launch the first ever Lumia Windows Phone with ‘Microsoft’ branding and logo on it instead of ‘Nokia’ on November 11, 2014. We have also seen leaked images along with specs of the entry-level Lumia 535 with Microsoft branding which could be the first ever Microsoft branded phone. Lumia Windows Phone devices […]

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