OneDrive update v4.5 for Windows Phone 8.1 brings revamped user interface and new features


Microsoft has released a major update for the OneDrive app of Windows Phone 8.1 which adds a couple of new features and fixes for the cloud storage app. The update adds the all photos view option, better search, restore from recycle bin and a couple of bug fixes. The update also includes some new features for work aka business accounts and the user interface has been revamped


Microsoft previously updated the OneDrive app of Windows Phone with new user interface and the support for business accounts. Now, this update adds revamped user interface, more features for business accounts as well as some new ones for personal users.

The update for OneDrive bumps the version to and has the following changes mentioned in change log:

  • User interface improvements
  • Ability to search personal and work accounts
  • Ability to see files ‘Shared with me’ for business accounts
  • All photos view
  • Ability to access recycle bin and restore items on both personal and work accounts
  • Ability to view properties of files
  • Easy app rating options from settings
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

This update for OneDrive includes many changes in the user interface of the app and the bottom app bars have been removed and replaced with newer one whereas, the upper app bar has been removed completely.

The update is now available for download from Store and will be installed automatically to your phone. Otherwise, you may manually install the update by following the instructions in this article.

Download OneDrive app



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