Official Twitter account of Windows Phone renamed to @Lumia [Update: Facebook account too!]


Microsoft has finally started the big move from Nokia and Windows Phone brands to the Lumia. Microsoft has already rebranded the Nokia apps on Windows Phone to Lumia and almost all apps have been rebranded. Now, the official Twitter account of Windows Phone have been transitioned to Lumia name.


If you are a Twitter user and follow official Windows Phone handle from your account then, you will notice that there is no Windows Phone account by Microsoft. Instead, you will get Lumia name on the account which you were following.

Yes, all future Lumia related news will be tweeted on @Lumia account by Microsoft which have been renamed from Windows Phone. Whereas, Windows Phone news can be found on @Windows twitter account along with news from other Windows Phone devices.

You might be wondering that will you need to re-follow the account on Twitter and the answer is NO. You won’t need to do anything if you are already a follower on the Windows Phone now, Lumia account. Otherwise, you can follow the account by going to this link:


The Facebook fan page of Windows Phone has also been renamed to ‘Microsoft Lumia‘ and all other country specific pages also carry the branding as seen in the screenshot below.



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