Nokia Music app coming to Windows 8/RT devices with streaming options and more


Nokia Music, a music streaming service by mobile giant, Nokia has been there for Windows Phone devices since September but, now, the Finish giant seems to be planning to release the same service for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. The service would be available as an app in Store for Windows 8/RT which would bring the music streaming service to the newly launched OS by Microsoft.

Nokia Music coming to Windows 8/RT devices with streaming options and more

The Verge reports that Nokia has unveiled the Nokia Music app for Windows 8/RT during MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. The music streaming service by Nokia would be similar to that on the Windows Phone platform and third party services like Spotify which allows the users to stream music of their favorite artist as well as save it to playlists for future listening.

Nokia Music would allow the users to create the playlists with three artists in each and the capability to save the playlists locally and view lyrics would also be available for paid subscribers. The option to search and stream individual music isn’t there but, you can search for artists and play songs by him/her.

Nokia plans to bring the Nokia Music app to Windows Store soon but, unlike Windows Phone, it won’t be free instead, users will have to pay $3.99 per month to avail the service. But, don’t worry, you will be able to test the service by Nokia for free on a 7 day trial.

The app isn’t yet available in Store yet but, can this app be the sign that Nokia is also entering the Windows 8 market and can we expect more such apps in future or maybe a tablet?

Source: The Verge | Image source: The Verge


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