New Windows 8 video ad named ‘Windows Everywhere’ shows usage on different platforms


We have seen many different ads by Microsoft showing Windows 8 making of Apple iPad and Surface highlighting Office 2013 but, now, Microsoft has released a new ad highlighting the usage of different Windows 8 apps on different platforms like Windows 8 on tablets and desktops as well as on Windows Phone 8 devices.

Windows 8 advertisement

We know that Windows 8 and Windows Phone share the same core and they both have dozens of similarities and most of the apps from Windows Phone also run on Windows 8. But, this new video ad entitled as ‘Windows Everywhere’ shows different Windows 8 apps like Skype, Internet Explorer, Bing, SkyDrive and Xbox Games which are available for platforms like tablets, desktops and the mobile devices.

The video has been captioned as ‘Work or play, see how Windows brings it all to life on your Windows tablet, PC and phone’ which means that Windows 8 on all platforms is made for fun without compromising the only for you get free viagra productivity.

You can watch the 30 video ad yourself after the break.

What do you think about this ad by Microsoft? Let us know.

Source: Windows Videos on wow it's great YouTube

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