New video ad by Microsoft shows the Surface Pro 3 as best Christmas gift instead of MacBook Air


We have seen a couple of Microsoft ads which compares the Windows powered devices with Apple products and previously, we saw the comparison of Lenovo Yoga 3 against MacBook Air. Now, a new Microsoft ad has been aired featuring the Surface Pro 3 against MacBook Air as the best winter gift during Christmas.


The video posted by Surface channel on YouTube shows the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in a comparison against Apple’s MacBook Air where different features of Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s specifications are highlighted as being superior.

The ad shows the touch screen of Surface Pro 3, Surface Pen which can be used to take quick notes on OneNote with a press of single button and the kickstand which lets you get different viewing angles while using in tablet mode. The tablet also includes a song inspired from the winter songs.

The performance of the Surface Pro 3 is also highlighted in the ad where MacBook Air is also considered as one of the best performance laptops in the market.

Let’s not wait more and watch the video ad after the break.


Source: Surface on YouTube


Ahmad Wahid

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