Here is how the all-new Spartan browser would look like in Windows 10 [Images]


Microsoft will be releasing two different browsers in the Windows 10 where the traditional Internet Explorer 12 would take the flag of Microsoft’s popular browser whereas, another browser named ‘Spartan’ would also be part of next Windows. Spartan would take the experience of Internet Explorer and combine it with the flavor of Firefox and Chrome.

Spartan would be the first browser from Microsoft which will offer better customization options like plugins and extensions and it will look very much like the Firefox and Chrome on Windows.

Previously, we saw the alleged leaked screenshot of the Spartan browser which proved to be a pure fake but, now, well-known Microsoft news poster, Brad Sams on Neowin has posted the images of the new Spartan browser from Windows 10. The images are a bit blurry but, gives the idea on how the new browser would look like and seeing the track record of Brad, one can easily determine the images as being authenticated.

Spartan browser from Windows 10 1

This new browser will look very similar to Chrome and Firefox with the tab bar on top of screen while the back, forward and refresh buttons would be on second row just beside the address bar. On the right of the address bar, you would get the favorite icon, reading mode option, folder and share button followed by settings button on last which seems like the ‘three dots’ from Windows Phone and Modern Windows apps.

Spartan browser from Windows 10

Below is a mockup of the original Spartan browser for a clear shot at how the interface of the new browser by Microsoft would look like. Brad also reports that there won’t be any edges of that browser which will let you get the best edge-to-edge viewing experience of websites.

Spartan browser from Windows 10 mockup

Spartan won’t be compatible with older sites using older coding so, you might have to use Internet Explorer 12 for visiting those sites but, modern websites should work faster with Spartan as compared to older browsers.

Spartan will be officially unveiled by Microsoft during the January 21 event where Microsoft will talk about Windows 10 on PC, tablets, Phone and consoles.

Image(s) source: Neowin



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