New leaked Windows 8 RTM Lock Screen image reveal Seattle’s Space Needle


A new leaked image shows some new lock screen images which include a photo of Seattle’s space needle with some rendering. The image also reveal some more lock screen images which previously have been leaked in screenshots.

The image was leaked by Win8China showing the new Windows 8 RTM lock screen images. We have previously seen an image showing more than 20 patterns for Start Screen background.

It looks like Microsoft wants to make the Windows 8 RTM more customizable and interactive by adding some more interactive wallpapers, screensavers, lock screen images and Start Screen backgrounds.

On the other hand, the default lock screen image of Windows 8 RTM has been leaked along with the wallpaper which is also available for download.

Windows 8 RTM would launch for OEM’s in early August with general availability scheduled for October 26.

Source: Win8China

Image source: Win8China

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