New leaked screenshot shows Windows 10 with Modern contextual menus on desktop


Microsoft is just around the corner to be announce more awesome features of Windows 10 on PC, tablet, phone and Xbox during the January 21, 2015 event. Leaks are already coming and the newest one shows the Modern-context menus on desktop with flat and bold colors.

Windows 10 Modern contextual menu

The images posted by PCPortal and shared by @rlinev on Twitter shows a newer internal build of Windows 10 where the contextual menus are now sold in color and have flat interface similar to the Modern interface.

We know that Microsoft is bringing the Modern-UI of Windows 8.1 to the desktop and the icons on desktop are now more solid and depict the tiles on Start Screen. Now, the contextual menus are getting the Modern treatment in the latest builds.

Microsoft has also updated the themes in Windows 10 where the solid colors are part of it and previously leaked screenshots have showed dark theme with same colored icons on taskbar.

Now, it seems the taskbar color, title bar colors of app windows and contextual menus will change colors with themes and both light/dark themes are available for users along with handful of other options similar to Windows Phone.

Windows 10 will also get a new browser codenamed Spartan which will bring a handful of exciting features like Cortana integration, plugin support, groped tabs and edge-to-edge viewing on PC, tablet, phone and Xbox.

We will be hearing more about the Windows 10 from Microsoft in the January 21, 2015 event where features about Windows 10 on PC, phone and gaming console, Xbox will be detailed.

Via: @rlinev

Source: PCPortal


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