Modern-UI based OneNote app will come pre-installed in Windows 8.1 Update GDR


Microsoft has added dozens of pre-installed apps in the Windows 8.1 including Mail, People, OneDrive, Skype and many more. Now, new leaks suggest that Microsoft might add the OneNote app in the list of pre-installed apps of Windows 8.1 Update GDR.


The leaked files by Microsoft which were sent to OEMs shows that Microsoft has added the option to include the OneNote app as pre-installed in the latest Windows 8.1 Update GDR.


Microsoft has also added a location for the OneNote app on Start Screen where the app tile will be pinned if, the OEMs choose to include it as pre-installed. It is not necessary for a OEM to add OneNote as pre-installed app but, Microsoft seems to be emphasizing on it to be included.

Windows 8.1 Update GDR is the free update for Windows 8.1 which will include many new features and improvements for mouse users as well as touch-screen devices. The RTM build of Windows 8.1 Update GDR has already leaked onto the web for download.

Source: Bav0


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