MineCraft Pocket Edition lands in Store for Windows Phone 8.1 as a paid game of $6


MineCraft, the popular building game aiming to provide real life like gameplay by making different things from Block has finally landed in Store for Windows Phone. MineCraft pocket Edition lets you get the same experience of gameplay as on Xbox but, everything is now touch optimized.


Microsoft recently acquired the MineCraft game and the software giant promised to launch the game soon for Windows Phone. Now, the popular building block game has landed in Store.

The game offers different gameplay modes including the survival mode where you get to play against different hazards of world and survive against them. The Creative mode lets you build your own city and progress while playing in the forests, deserts and many other scenarios.

MineCraft Pocket Edition is a fun-to-play game and it also tests the creativeness of your mind. You can also choose to play in local mode or in multiplayer over W-Fi with your friends.


MineCraft Pocket Edition is now available for download from Store for the price of $6 and has a download size of just 13MB. The app doesn’t come as a free trial and 512MB Windows Phones are also supported.

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