Although, Windows Store for Windows 8/RT don’t have an official Facebook app but, we have seen many awesome Facebook client apps. Some of them have been optimized for touch and others provide extraordinary features but, one of them was the ‘Mine for Facebook’ app which provided some good and unique features. Now, Mine for Facebook is out of preview and many awesome features have also been added.

Mine for Facebook is the best full feature Facebook app for Windows 8/RT

Mine for Facebook was one of the first few apps in Store which brought the Facebook to your newly launched Windows 8. Now, Mine for Facebook has been re-launched and is out of preview.

Mine for Facebook is the best full feature Facebook app for Windows 8/RT

With the official launch, Mine for Facebook has become the first ever Facebook client app in Store to provide all features of Facebook right in your Windows 8 PC. This app doesn’t provide full features but, its interface is also unique.

Mine for Facebook has the following features:

  • View your Facebook newsfeed
  • Customize the newsfeed to see updates from specific people/pages
  • Apply filters to view updates from specific people/pages
  • See Facebook notifications
  • View your personal messages
  • Like and comment on status updates, photos and links
  • View and edit your Profile
  • View your friends
  • View your friends profile
  • View and comment/like on Pages
  • View and post in Groups
  • Update status and images
  • Search anything like it could be done on Facebook

Mine for Facebook is the best full feature Facebook app for Windows 8/RT

This awesome Facebook app for Windows 8 has truly proved itself to be worth installing and since, it is also free, it surely is the best and must have Facebook client app for Windows 8 which is available in Store.

Mine for Facebook is available for download from the link below.

We will soon be doing a complete review of this awesome app covering each and every feature. So, stay tuned!

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