Microsoft will unveil the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 at September 23 event


We have been hearing a lot of news/leaks about the upcoming Surface tablets and their features. Now, Microsoft is holding an event on September 23, 2013 where the next generation Surface tablets will be unveiled.

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The Verge reports that Microsoft is sending invitations to the media for an event in New York scheduled for September 23, 2013 where the next generation Surface tablets will be unveiled by Microsoft.

Microsoft is changing the names of the Surface RT to Surface 2 and Surface Pro will be called Surface Pro 2 which will make the two tablets more related. Both the tablets will be similar to the original Surfaces in look but, Microsoft is making big changes under-the-hood.

Surface Pro 2 will get the latest Intel Haswell processor to get upto 7 hours of battery timing and an increase in RAM to 8GB. Surface 2 will also get the hardware changes like the Tegra 4 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1080p display.

Both the tablets will also get the improved kick stands which will hold the devices in two different positions. Microsoft is also planning to launch some new accessories for its Surface tablets like a dock to connect external display and to provide more ports and a power cover will also be added to provide added battery timing along with the keyboard support.

Microsoft may be holding the Surface event on September 23, 2013 but, the tablets might not go on sale till October 18, 2013 when Microsoft will officially launch the Windows 8.1 and all the Windows 8.1 devices will also go on sale the same day.

Source: The Verge


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