Microsoft will soon add more ‘gesture controls’ in the Gestures Beta app for Lumia Windows Phones


We have already seen the gestures beta app for Lumia Windows Phone devices which lets you answer incoming calls, mute them and/or switch to loud speaker by performing specific gestures on your Windows Phone. Now, it seems Microsoft is thinking to add more gestures to this very useful app.

Gestures beta for Lumia Windows Phone

The app named Gestures beta was released by Microsoft last year which proved to be very useful for people who want to perform specific actions without using their hands on touch screen.

Now, the user voice page of Gesture Beta app seems to have got a reply from Microsoft representative that more features might be coming to the app in future.

The features like music control with shake of device, vibrate of phone on answer of call and alarm controls to mute alarms etc have been suggested on the user voice page.

The above features will be very useful for people who want to get the most out of their Windows Phone devices without even turning on the screen of phone to use it.

The above features are just suggestions by the users and Microsoft might not implement them in the app but, the response from Microsoft team member that more features are being considered is a good news.

So, which gestures do you want on your Lumia Windows Phone?

Via: Neowin

Source: Gestures Beta user voice


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