Microsoft will reportedly ‘relaunch’ Windows 8 with Surface on Februray 9


Microsoft is reportedly planning to ‘relaunch’ the Windows 8 on February 9, 2013 when the first ever professional tablet by Microsoft made for productivity is also expected to be launched. During that relaunch, the software giant will use different strategies to gain more user attraction towards its first ever tablet as well as the OS running in it.

Surface Pro

Windows 8, the latest flagship OS by software giant, Microsoft, was launched for public on October 26, 2012 but, the newest OS wasn’t welcomed by the users as everyone expected. Windows 8, which have been ‘reimagined’ was just able to make a small ripple on the global PC market share with just %2.06 PC’s running Windows 8 as per stats of second week of January. Now, The Register reports through sources that Microsoft will ‘relaunch’ the Windows 8 on February 9, 2013 to get more attention towards its Surface and Windows 8.

Microsoft have been blaming the less attractive OEM PC’s for the low sales of Windows 8 where just 60-million copies were sold in just two months of its launch which is similar to that of Windows 7 after the same time period.

Microsoft has decided to take actions to boost the sales of Windows 8 by some different methods including the introduction of its own professional tablet i.e. Surface Windows 8 Pro and the software giant may also start the advertisement campaign for Windows 8 and Surface just like we say for Surface RT and Windows 8 on their launches.

The question is whether Microsoft is really that confident in the sales of Surface Windows 8 Pro that the software giant wants to advertise both the Surface and Windows 8 after the launch date i.e. February 9, 2013.

Well, February 9 is just two weeks away and we hope to get the answers about whether Microsoft will start the advertisement of Surface and Windows 8 just like the previous rumors suggested or the software giant will adopt some other means to get more public attention for its products.

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Source: The Register


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