Microsoft updates the Mail, Calendar and People app trio of Windows 8.1 Update with unknown changes


Microsoft has released an update for the pre-installed Mail, Calendar and People app of Windows 8.1 Update but, no change log has been provided for the update.


Microsoft has been adding new features and improving the pre-installed apps of Windows 8.1 like the Xbox Video but, the software giant has not been providing accurate change logs for most of its apps.

This time, the Mail, Calendar and People app package has got an update but, there is no change log available. Infact, the change log seems to be same for the last year’s major update for November.

It has been a routine by Microsoft that the bug fixing and performance improvement updates aren’t being mentioned in the change logs and we will assume this one to be the same. Additionally, we haven’t noticed any changes in these three apps.

The update is now available for download from Windows Store and will be downloaded automatically to your PC. Otherwise, you may have to manually install the update by following the instructions in this article.


Ahmad Wahid

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