Microsoft updates the Bing apps of Windows 8.1/RT with MSN branding


Microsoft has started to update the pre-installed Bing apps of Windows 8.1 with the MSN branding following the early announcement about rebranding of Bing apps to make them similar to the’s revamped interface.


Microsoft has also updated the Bing apps of Windows Phone to MSN branding and now, the update is also available for Windows 8.1 users. The update just rebrands the app(s) whereas, no new features have been added nor any improvements have been made.

The following apps have got an update are being rebranded:

  • Bing Finance to MSN Money
  • Bing Travel to MSN Travel
  • Bing News to MSN News
  • Bing Health & Fitness to MSN Health & Fitness
  • Bing Sports to MSN Sports
  • Bing Food & Drink to MSN Food & Drink
  • Bing Weather to MSN Weather

The update for all Bing apps is now available for download from Store and will be installed automatically. Otherwise, you may manually install the updates by following the instructions in this article.


Ahmad Wahid

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