Microsoft Unveils its Online Upgrade Facility For Windows 8


Windows 8 would be available for download from the web page where all the required information would be taken online and all the compatible apps and the version of Windows 8 would be selected automatically.

Image Source: Building Windows 8

Microsoft’s, building Windows 8 blog, posted about the installation methods of Windows 8. Users would be able to download Windows 8 from the web page. The different steps would consist;

  • No need of entering product key
  • Automatic check of compatibility of device with Windows 8
  • Apps would be checked for compatibility and a report would be available which would state which apps are compatible and which would require an upgrade.
Image Source: Building Windows 8

The download process of Windows 8 would start right from the web page in an integrated download manager which would automatically determine which version and language is best for your device.

Image Source: Building Windows 8

Below is a list of features which would be available from the web page:

  • Automatically checks the compatibility of Windows 8 with your device
  • Automatically checks which installed apps are compatible with Windows 8
  • A detailed report which shows compatible apps and apps which require an upgrade
  • Download of Windows 8 would start in an integrated download manager
  • Download manager would automatically determine which version is best for your device
  • Language would also be determined automatically

This new online upgrade feature would help the users who are willing to upgrade to the latest OS.

Microsoft seems to have merged all three features of previous versions of Windows; Upgrade Advisor, Setup and Windows Easy Transfer applications into one feature for Windows 8 to shorten the long steps which previous versions of Windows used.

These long steps include the following:

  • Check compatibility using upgrade advisor from one site
  • Download the best version of Windows from another site
  • Run setup
  • Use Windows transfer wizard to transfer apps to the latest version of Windows

We recently heard about the method of restarting Windows 8 after installing Updates

Microsoft is making the Windows 8 as simple as possible yet more productive and easy to use. Lets hope this Windows 8 would make the user experience more friendly.


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