Microsoft teases virtual desktop (Task View) feature of Windows 10 ahead of Jan 21 event


Microsoft is scheduled to hold an event on January 21, 2015 where Microsoft will announce the next major features of Windows 10 along with its availability on Windows Phone and Xbox. Now, the software giant seems to be teasing the multi-desktop aka task View feature of Windows 10 on Twitter.


The image posted by the official Windows Twitter account shows the task view feature of Windows 10 which lets you run multiple virtual instances of desktop with different apps opened on each of them.

The image has been captioned:

Separate work and play with multiple desktops on a single device


Microsoft has also added the date January 21, 2015 to the tweet which is the date for event of January 21, 2015 when Microsoft will unveil the next major version of Windows i.e. Windows 10 on devices whether its PC, tablet, Phone or Xbox console.

Microsoft seems to have improved the Task View in the Windows 10 but, we won’t be able to see the new feature until the event.

The January 21, 2015 event would be live streamed by Microsoft for everyone to see. We will also be covering the latest news and announcements from that event here on Windows8Core.

Source: @Windows on Twitter


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